Saturday, December 8, 2012

A England Jane Eyre

Hey, how is your weekend so far? Today is a very hot day in Malaysia with bright and piercing sun. I don't normally appreciate this kind of weather unless I have a pretty dark vampy shade with hidden beauty to capture under the sun. Well, my prayer is heard; I am wearing A England Jane Eyre which good amount of sunlight is needed to capture the beauty within :).

Jane Eyre is 1 of the 5 from Gothic Beauties collection that A England released in August. As the collection name implies, there are 4 dark and vampy shades with different colored hidden subtly shimmers. Jane Eyre is the one with red/brownish shimmers. A England website describes this color as "intensely smouldering crimson embers, imprisoned in a veil of sombre black".

Most of the A England shade is a portrait of a literature character. I am not a English Literature student in my school days and therefore I have no idea about the story behind each shade. If you are interested to know more about the literature character, descriptions can be found in the A England website.

Under most lighting, this color looks black. But when light hits it at the correct angle, the hidden shimmer would pierce through and that's when the polish becomes really pretty. I had a fun time tilting my fingers observing and admiring the shimmers under different lighting when wearing this shade. Below are some pictures I have taken under the sun and warm light.

Jane Eyre under bright sunlight
The subtle shimmer (opps Susan, nothing better to describe the shimmers except your blog name. hope you don't mind  *wink* ) in the polish look brownish red under the bright sun light. 

Jane Eyre under normal warm light
While under normal light / warm light, the shimmers look reddish purple. You can also tell from this photo that the base is really dark and looks almost black.

Jane Eyre bottle shot 
Here with a bottle shot. The shimmers are more noticeable in bottle. I have a weakness on dark polish so I absolutely love this color. The formula is great as usual, full coverage in 1 or 2 coats.

I purchased this color during the 10 days Gothic Times sales in A England website in November when selected shades are priced at £5 or £6 (np at £9). I was so overwhelmed that I had purchased twice from them in 10 days. 

Where to buy:
A England shades can be purchased at their official website. Shipment is usually very fast,  takes about 7 calendar days, from the shipment notice, to reach Malaysia from London and the best part was shipment is FREE WORLDWIDE. Other shops like US based Llarowe and Ninja Polish, Singapore based Mei Mei's Signatures also carries A England. Worldwide shipment is available from all these shops and they offer great variety and service. I have personally purchased from all the listed stores above and love them.

Til next time... Esther

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