Monday, February 27, 2012

Nubar Honeysuckle Swatch & Review

I am a secret admirer of pink and today I am going to share one of the nicest pinks I have, Nubar Honeysuckle, with you. It's a darkened bright pink creme that reminds me of pink tulips. A really lovely and feminine color which is suitable for any occasion. I really love how this color works out on me. 

Formula wise, it is on the thick side but a good-thick that is not giving any major application issue. I do like it a bit thinner though. I only own 2 Nubar and I don't really like the first one I have. However, this color really surprises me. It is very long lasting and I have worn it for 6 full days without any chipping. Maybe the base coat and top coat did play a big part. I was using  Nubar foundation base coat and Nubar Diamont top coat. Maybe using the top and base coat from the same brand might helps?

Nubar Honeysuckle

Hope you like this color as I do.

Til next time... Esther

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Zoya Yara Swatch & Review

I have been reading post regarding Zoya polishes but never have a chance  to get my hands on it for long long time. I guess Zoya is not as famous as other brands such as OPI in Malaysia and that makes harder to get one here, unless we order online.

As I read more about Zoya, my interests on this brand expands. I knew I wanted to start collecting Zoya when they released the Smoke and Mirror collection last Fall. The colors were captivating and interesting. 

However, I did not manage to get any until my last trip to US in Jan. Since I was super broke shopping too much, I only managed to get 1 from the collection  during that trip and that was Zoya Dree. After I returned to Malaysia, I regretted not getting Zoya Yara! Whenever Yara swatch photos popped out in Google, I drooled so hard that I decided to place an order with Sharon from Nail Polish Spree in late Jan. 

I finally got the polish last Monday and I knew at once that I would definitely love this color by looking at the bottle alone. Opps, I have been telling too much of the grandmother story.. So here is the swatch photos...

Love the stunning gold shimmer!

This color does look good on my warm skin tone.

One thing I love about Zoya polish, other than the lovely color, is the superb formula. The polish flows easily and level itself effortlessly. Zoya is marketed as the longest wearing nail lacquer. Well, I do not wear a color for more than 3 days so I couldn't confirm the durability. I guess base coat and top coat do play a big part on this. It is my 2nd day on wearing this color with Essie First Base as base coat and Essie Good to Go as top, let's see when I would see the first chip.

Til next time... Esther

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Surprised Nail Mail...

I have a surprised nail mail this morning. It was a recent purchase from Ebay seller u4iasalon on 3rd Feb. Did not expect it to arrive in 8 days from US to Malaysia! I am certainly pleased and satisfied with the shipping time.

It was all started with my recent crush on Zoya polish. I love their variety of color and most importantly their good formula. Initially I thought I would buy a lot of them during my recent trip to US in Jan but only managed to get 1 bottle because I was almost broke spending too much shopping in US. 

Like most of the international Zoya lovers, I am really sad and disappointed that doesn't ship internationally. It is almost impossible for us to find Zoya in Malaysia retail and the only way is purchase through some polish spree-er such as NAIL POLISH SPREE - MALAYSIAN EDITION. However, the wait time could some time go up to 1 month+. Although I normally order from Sharon in NAIL POLISH SPREE - MALAYSIAN EDITION, I do want to try my luck searching online for alternative ways.

Forgot where I have read some forum discussion saying u4iasalon offers good range of Zoya. Out of curiosity, I checked out their Ebay store. Though not many polishes was listed in their store, I was able to find 1 of the Zoya I was looking for - Zoya Avery from Feel collection. Since their received 100% positive feedback, so I decided to give it a try. You could tell I am 100% satisfied with this purchase! :)

The package that came in this morning. It was all the way from US to Malaysia and it only took 8 days! cool :)

Zoya Avery. Far in the background are the boxes that keep my polish collection :) The polish was nicely wrapped in bubble wrap and a piece of red gift paper. I was too excited and I ripped open the package before I remember to take a photo of the nice package. Definitely would have to do a swatch blog on this...

Other than the polish I ordered, the seller was also kind enough to send me 2 free nail enamel boards and some hand written Thank You notes. Love! 

I definitely will check back this store again if I look for any Zoya products in the future. I do hope they have more listings in Ebay but since they have contact detail listed in their website, I guess no harm emailing them on other Zoya items that are not listed in the store, might even find some surprises though. 

Til next time... Esther

Saturday, February 4, 2012

China Glaze First Mate and NYC Starry Silver Glitter

I was super busy after I had started this blog. It was all about Christmas, business trip and Chinese New Year in the past 2 months. I had no time to share although I was painting my nail regularly, and that made this post the first nail polish post after so long. 

Most of the blues doesn't work well with my warm skin tone. Therefore I was trying to avoid adding blue into my stash. I told myself last Oct that I should be more experimenting to find the perfect blue for myself. I then got myself 3 bottles of different blues (China Glaze First Mate, Blue Year's Eve & Skyscraper). Today I am going to show you China Glaze First Mate. I got this color by accident, I was originally ordered another color from the same collection but the seller accidentally sent the wrong color. I thought this color was very pretty indeed so I decided to keep the color.

I have gotten this bottle for 2 months now but have no courage to try it on since I have a phobia on blue polish on me. I finally took up the courage and put it on me. At first I was worried, but once it was on, I was "Wow"... This is such a beauty! 

Decided to add a little spice, I had overlaid it with NYC Starry Silver Glitter which I purchased in Target while I was The States last Sep. The result is really satisfying and I keep staring on my nails since I have it on.

Here is how the little beauty is, sorry that I have forgotten to take a photo of my nails before the glitter is applied.
With Sunlight:

In the shade:

This is 2 layers of China Glaze First Mate with 2 coats of NYC Starry Silver Glitter. I also applied Seche Vite in between First Mate and the glitter to ensure smooth applications. I used Poshe Base Coat and Poshe Top Coat for the final touch.

Til next time... Esther