Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cult Nails nail mail!!!!

Today must be my lucky day as I found the following package in my mailbox... Can you recognize the pretty lady on the envelop? Yes! You are right! It's Cult Nails mail nail! My first order with Cult Nails had finally arrived. 

This was ordered during their $5 sale earlier this month. I remembered I was so excited when Maria finally announced the sales date. I spent few days choosing the colors as the sales was limited to 3 bottles and I literally camped at their website half an hour before the sales started afraid that the items I wanted would be sold out before I order. =p

Inside the package are all polishes nicely wrapped in the polish burritos. I think we can put these polish burritos in other usage but I have no idea what.. anyone could enlighten me? :D

These are the 3 colors I have ordered. From left to right: Power Thief, Cruisin' Nude and In A Trance. I have already fell in love with these by just looking at the bottles... woohoo...

To make my day better, the nail file I ordered from Ebay also arrived today! Yeah!

Now I officially call myself a Cult Nails addict as I plan to order more colors from them. I regret not ordering from them earlier as I have missed 2 great colors (clairvoyant and toxic seaweed) which are no longer available :( 

Are you interested in their colors? You can order from the Cult Nails shop here and they do ship internationally *duh*. Each bottle is retailed at USD10. I have already made my 2nd Cult Nails order from Mei Mei's Signatures and building my 3rd order list. Now you know why polish addict is so broke, lol!

Til next time... Esther

Sunday, April 22, 2012

A-England Princess Tears Swatch

This post was scheduled to be up during the weekends but I was busy lazing at home and totally forgot about it. :p Well, I guess it's better late than never.. :)

I got this color (together with Bridal Veil) during their recent Tristam 1 year old sale. As some of you may know, this was not the color that I ordered, guessed they had received overwhelming response and had sent me this instead of the Princess Sabra which I had ordered. 

But I keep this color instead since it looks amazingly good, you would know what I mean after the photos. It's a greyed/silvered lilac with holographic finish. 

A-England Princess Tears - sunlight
A-England Princess Tears - Sunlight with flash
A-England Princess Tears - Sunlight with flash

Drool more... 

I have captured insanely lots of picture of this color, I just couldn't help but to keep snapping as the holographic finish is so pretty and interesting... Love this color!

I initially thought this color would be streaky as it as the metallic finish which I tend to avoid. I was wrong, the  formula was smooth and leveled itself well at each layer. But it's a little bit thin, so you need at least 2 coats for opacity. The only drawback about this color is the drying time, I feel that it's much longer than the normal creme or shimmer polish, so you need to be super patient while applying this color. Maybe it's the nature of holographic polish?

I really love this color and will definitely order more from A-England. If you are interested in getting A-England polishes, they are available in the following webstores A-England, Llarowe, Ninja Polish and Mei Mei's Signatures. All of them offer international shipment.

Til next time... Esther

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Yeah... My first A-England nail mail arrived! But...

I was so happy to see my first A-England order at my doorstep when I returned from shopping this afternoon. Excitedly, I ripped open the package and saw the 2 polishes I ordered during the Tristam 1-year old sale!

Bridal Veil & Princess Tear 
Here they are: Bridal Veil & Princess Tear from The Legend collection!  Below is my order description enclosed in the package... 

Oh wait.. did you notice something in the invoice? It was Princess Sabra that I had ordered, but they had shipped my Princess Tear. No wonder, I did not see the yellow shade that I was expecting before I ripped the bubble wrap away. 

Should I email and feedback? Should I ask them to send the correct one? Should I purchase another Princess Sabra immediately? These thoughts ran through my mind right after I discovered the wrong item... Then I went up to The PolishAholic to check the swatch of Princess Tear and decided I would keep it without making any noise as it looked pretty too. Since there are more that I want from A-England, I would definitely include Princess Sabra in my next order and hopefully they won't send me the wrong item again. :)

Til next time... Esther 

My Birthday Mani - OPI Fly

So, It's my birthday today! Okay, it's officially over in Malaysia. But who cares, it's still my birthday else where! :)

Since this is my special day, I have decided to put on a color which I do not usually wear and it's OPI Fly from Nicki Minaj collection. It's a pretty bright teal leaning towards green. It's the first color I have got from this collection and I love this color at the instant I put it on my nails. The application is effortless and can be opaque in just 2 coats. It looks a bit jelly-ish on the first coat, but after the 2nd coat, it looks creme.



Do you think this color is lovely? I do think this color is superb, but I feel that it's a bit plain just having 2 coats of polishes on my nails. It's my special day after all, I should have more special nail than my normal day right? So I rummaged my storage box for nail art tools and decided to paint some stripping lines on my nails inspired by the gift boxes below. I knew I wouldn't be receiving any present, so I decided to turn my nails into a gift.. lol

Gift box, picture copyright belongs to respective owner
Here is the end results.. I used stripping pen with OPI Alpine snow to draw the straight line and added a little rhinestone to spice things up a little. Do my nails look like a gift boxes? :):)  

OPI Fly with OPI Alpine Snow stripping line
I definitely need more practice on drawing straight and even lines.. lol

Til next time... Esther

Friday, April 13, 2012

OPI Warm & Frozie Swatches and Review

Ohh, I have been neglecting my blog for quite some times. I have been really busy lately, busy wrapping up old projects and preparing the new projects at work. Phew, finally can take a break even though there are still more work to be done.

So... I am going to do a quick post today. A polish from the OPI Muppets collections in last Christmas - Warm & Frozie. It's a very interesting color with red, pink and gold shimmer (or glitter?) in copper brown metallic base. I know I sound crappy in my description, so let the picture do the talking.. :)

OPI Warm & Frozie

OPI Warm & Frozie
I really love this color and how it looks on my skin tone. The formula is great too with no application issue.

What do you think about this colour?

Til next time... Esther