Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cult Nails nail mail!!!!

Today must be my lucky day as I found the following package in my mailbox... Can you recognize the pretty lady on the envelop? Yes! You are right! It's Cult Nails mail nail! My first order with Cult Nails had finally arrived. 

This was ordered during their $5 sale earlier this month. I remembered I was so excited when Maria finally announced the sales date. I spent few days choosing the colors as the sales was limited to 3 bottles and I literally camped at their website half an hour before the sales started afraid that the items I wanted would be sold out before I order. =p

Inside the package are all polishes nicely wrapped in the polish burritos. I think we can put these polish burritos in other usage but I have no idea what.. anyone could enlighten me? :D

These are the 3 colors I have ordered. From left to right: Power Thief, Cruisin' Nude and In A Trance. I have already fell in love with these by just looking at the bottles... woohoo...

To make my day better, the nail file I ordered from Ebay also arrived today! Yeah!

Now I officially call myself a Cult Nails addict as I plan to order more colors from them. I regret not ordering from them earlier as I have missed 2 great colors (clairvoyant and toxic seaweed) which are no longer available :( 

Are you interested in their colors? You can order from the Cult Nails shop here and they do ship internationally *duh*. Each bottle is retailed at USD10. I have already made my 2nd Cult Nails order from Mei Mei's Signatures and building my 3rd order list. Now you know why polish addict is so broke, lol!

Til next time... Esther

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