Sunday, December 2, 2012

piCture pOlish Monroe (original & new)

I have recently developed a fondness towards piCture pOlish  an Australian brand that produces great variety of colors. This brand is considered pretty pricey compared to most of the other brands I own, price for one bottle range from USD12.50 to USD14.50. I think Picture Polish is the sister company to Ozotic, another Australian brand that produces great shades that I have not own any yet.

Monroe and Mask-a-rade are my first two from this brands. I had seen Scrangie's swatches on these two shades when they were first released and was so tempted to get them but the price really put me off. When piCture pOlish announced that they were going to discontinued Monroe, Mask-a-rade and some other Ozotic shades, I was in a dilemma whether to get them or not. 

I am glad that I have made the right choice of getting the original Monroe and Mask-a-rade before they are totally gone. I am really hooked to this brand after these two shades. However, I did not manage to get any Ozotic due to my budget. 

Notice I have mentioned "original" Monroe? piCture pOlish actually released a new/revamp version of Monroe not too long ago. I am going to show you both the original and the new versions.

Monroe has a vampy wine red base with some holographic shimmer. The original version is more subtle and the new one have more obvious shimmer. If I were to describe them as person, original Monroe is an introvert with shier personality while the new Monroe is an extrovert who is more outgoing and fun loving.

Original Monroe on the ring finger; New Monroe on the other 3

My ring finger is wearing 2 coats of the original Monroe with top coat and the other 3 are wearing 2 coats of the new one with top coat. The shimmer is more noticeable in the new version compared to the original one.

Marco shot: Top - New Monroe, Bottom - Original Monroe
The finish of the original one is more jelly-ish than the new version, possibly due to the amount of holographic particles. I also notice that the multi-colored shimmer particles are more noticeable in the original version and the new one looks silverish. 

I realize I need to do a better clean up job.. :p

Left: New Monroe, Right: Original Monroe

This photo may not show the differences between the 2 in bottles. In real life, the new one looks lighter and pinker while the original one is darker and more vampy-like.

Left: New Monroe, Right: Original Monroe
From the bottle shot above, you can tell that the original one has more noticeable multi-colored holo shimmer while the new one looks silverish.

I like both versions individually but I would prefer the original one if I were to choose between the two. I think the main reason is the more noticeable holographic shimmer in the original one. Before I end the post, here is a photo of the original Monroe with flash. Absolutely look the holographic shimmer.

Original Monroe with flash
Where to buy:
piCture pOlish shades can be purchased in Picture Polish website and they network partners. I have purchased from there 3 great shops that offer superb range and service. US based Llarowe by Leah Ann, Canada based Harlow and Co. by Katie, and Singapore based Star Trinkets by Susan. They all ship internationally.

Til next time... Esther

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